Inrico T-526

Inrico T-526 – EU version

Apparently there are a lot of new kids in town! (see previous post)
The T-526 from Inrico is from my point of view the only true successor for the T199/192 models. Thanks to HF Electronics I was able to have a go with this compact 4G screenless device.


Network3G:WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
4G:TDD B38/B40/B41  FDD-LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B20
Memory512MB + 4GB
SystemAndroid 6.0
Connection Kenwood Socket
Weight ~220g
OSAndroid 6

That’s for the hard facts, now over to the personal interpretation.
It has a sturdy feel and is little bit heavier than its predecessor the T199.
In length, the body of the T-526 is a little bit shorter but the length of the antenna makes it about the same size as the T199
(guess someone is compensating 😀).
Replacing the antenna with a smaller version would make this even better for me.

The big plus for this one is, as we already mentioned, a 4G device. That makes him future proof. There’s a lot of discussion going on about terminating the 3G networks. Some say it nearly there, others say it won’t go that fast. Anyway with this fellow you ‘re future proof. And look at that massive battery capacity: 5000mAh!

I was happy to find out that the battery was very firmly fixed to the device. A drop will not eject the battery as it would surely do with the T199.

And just like the T192, the T-526 needs an adapter plug to connect your PC to it. This is good if you are using the devices for rental. Users will not be able to quickly change settings on your devices. The bad thing is that the slot to connect your device (via the adapter) to your PC is located under the SIM. That means a lot of opening and screwing before you can do a quick update to your Radio. And I say screwing because Inrico fitted a metal plate that can be placed on over SIM. Again safer for rental, but I assume these devices are built for rental and mass usage.
That also means that I wasn’t able to take a screenshot of the device running on 4G, because I had to plugin the SIM and unplug the connection to my PC.
The guys at HF Electronics already made a small work around for that. They cut out a small piece of the sim that covered the adapter slot, what enabled them to acces the PC port without removing the SIm. We all know how fragile those SIM slots are. I’m not a precise guy so I just kept my SIM as it was. 😀

I installed Zello on it and that was running smoothly, it also supported numbered channels switch via the Channel knob. Did some audio test and the quality was excellent in my point of view. There is no difference in programming the T-199/192 or the T-526. A how-to can be found here.

My other favorit network software WalkieFleet was also running smoothly, no issues there exactly as how it would run on the T199/192

In conclusion for me. If I was looking for strong reliable device that could withstand heavy daily use, wether it’s amateur of professional use, this is my first option.
Although there are a few flaws, like the location of the config port, the larger antenna. These are personal inconveniences, not structural issues. I only miss the IP67 or 68 rating, that would make the device immortal.
Big pros are: 4G, massive battery capacity, smaller size but heavier, the strong grip and the battery being firmly attached.
I’ve always been a fan of the T199, I love the feel and simplicity of use.
If my army of T199’s send out there last PTT, i’ll be happy to replace them with the 4G Inrico T-526!

12 Replies to “Inrico T-526”

  1. Absolutely awful radio, the fact that you can’t put a sim card in this radio during programming it is a complete disaster.
    I needed to program my networks Internet access settings manually and when you remove the sim card the radio disables this function.
    I even settled for using WiFi but even that was terrible. The radio would sometimes connect and sometimes not, Zello worked poorly on this radio too.
    I’ve had other inrico radios which to be honest haven’t been great either.

  2. First, thanks for the blog.
    I was received my 2pcs T-526 from Inrico.
    Install the ADB, Install the Vysor. It works fine with my phone.
    Connect the microUSB cable and the adapter as seen on the photo.
    But… nothing happened. I try the “Total Control” software also, nothing happened. Switc ON or switch OFF the radio, the “device is not found”.
    What do I do wrong?

  3. Hi,

    I’m curious if the 4G signal at both ends reduced the voice delay when using Walkiefleet?

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your beautifull blog.
    I use some inrico gears since one year now ( T196 and T199) . Strangely when I go in another country my handheld doesn’t work correctly on 3G network. ( off course roaming is enable in the menu) . I need each time to edit APN setting/password and enter them again.

    It seems that the transceiver cannot do roaming without entering again APN settings. As those informations are not in the menu, I cannot use total control but I have to use the original inrico programming cable and software each time I cross the border. Any help would be welcome. Do you exerience such problem wit your radios?
    Best regards/73 Alex

  5. And what is the the price for this T 526?
    Now using the T199 and T192 radio’s on walkie fleet.


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