Galaxy becomes EDPNET

Galaxy has been our preferred partner for sim cards with data usage. About a year ago Galaxy was merged with the Internet provider EDPNET who wanted to extend their mobile market share.

Now the second stage in the merge is ongoing and existing customers will receive new sim(s) to swap to the new provider (new branded sim card with other APN). You will receive a package by land mail with new sim card(s) and an explanation on how to migrate.

New customers and migrated customers will have another APN than existing customers.
If you register a new sim card or when you already received your new sim cards & migrated them, your APN must be set to

Don’t set your APN to if you are not migrated yet, this will not work.

And last but not least: This migration will result in a later stage next year in lower fee’s per mb. Ain’t that good news!