Inrico T-620

There’s a new kid in town and it’s a slim one. The Inrico T-620 is a 4G dual sim Network Radio with an extra SD slot and a small display. It has a battery capacity of 3600 mh. Al this features made it look like hell of competition for the bigger en blind T199 and T192.
It’s slim, elegant, compact and the small display allows you to see if your connection to data or wifi is established.

But, there are a few buts…
The small display is also it’s Achilles heel, since most of the apps we use aren’t adapted to these kind of displays you can’t use the display. So you have an infinity knob selector on top of the device but the display doesn’t allow you to monitor on what channel you are. Actually, it’s there but just below the lcd screen… Not good!
I’ve tried installing Zello on it and assigned the PTT button to one channel, that seems to work. But it’s overkill to use such a device.

And on a personal note: the T620 has the most annoying start up and shut down sound. Every time I hear that I want to smash it to pieces!

For WalkieFleet I received an apk of the software that is adapted to this device and who displays the channel number or name on the screen correctly.
But for Zello I think this is one we have to just let pass.
There is also a version of this device without a display, I believe it’s the T-520, which might be a whole lot more interesting: a 4G slim version of the T199 or T192. Once I get my hands on that one I’ll give you a heads up on that one.

Here below a short video of the T-620 with an adapted WalkieFleet app. Although the T-620 has volume buttons on the side, the volume is adapted by pressing the knob selector and then turning it left or right. Changing channels is done the same by pressing the channel knob one more time.

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  1. How can i make the channel knob working for channel selecting with Zello ?

    1. You can’t even use the channel knob, which is an rotary encoder type, so not an 16 position turn knob, by my knowledge there isn’t software that makes use of the rotary knob… so i ordered the T-320 which is a far better choice.

    1. Don’t buy the T-620 if you already have the T-320, the display of the T-620 is poststamp sized 🙁

    1. If you put the app to small screen in the settings it’s possible. You can only do this via OTAP. Over the air programming!.

      1. without OTAP you only have few options to use the T-620 on the go… the rotary encoder can’t be used…

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