How to setup a Screenless Network Radio

How to setup a Screenless Network Radio (Like T199)

Important: When your Screenless device is on but Idle it might happen that when you push the PTT button nothing happens or if you configured it like below you will hear 3 beeps (meaning error). That’s because Zello changed from specific channel to a default mode. The only thing you have to do is turn your channel knob back and forward to your chosen channel and it wil work again.
(This problem is solved and a solution is added below in the configuration)

How to set up connection with your device, use this guide:
How to connect your Network Radio to you PC/MAC

Setting up a screenles device is not hard, if you managed to connect your device to your computer via Vysor, the rest is peanuts. You need to change settings in the Android menu and in the Zello app settings.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you never change the USB options (MTP is the correct setting) or disable USB debugging. This will result in making your device inaccessible for your computer. Since you don’t have a screen to change the setting the only other option is flashing your ROM.

Setting Up Android

Data Connection

In your Android settings it’s important to set the right mobile settings.

Make sure that the switch next to your providers name is switched on and that your Roaming access is checked.

I switched off the check box for the Roaming notification because there is no display to show the notification.

Some network providers are using the Network of another Provider (MVNO). Most of the time there APN settings are updated automatically or rerouted on the main providers network. In some cases not.

Also while roaming this can be a problem. So it’s always better to adjust the APN to your current provider.

When abroad or out in the field and you come to realize that you don’t have data connection…. 

Some devices like the Inrico T199, T192 the APN settings are disabled. Luckily there is an apk that you can install that allows you to change the APN settings.

Simply install apn.apk on your device, open the app and you have direct access to your APN setting. Make sure you have a SIM card installed & signal on your device!

You can download apn.apk here:

(APN Chooser [0.1].apk) Credits: Rodrigo Silva

Use your Windows explorer or Android File Transfer on Mac to drop this file in the root of your phone memory. Via File Browser on your device you can run the APK.

Don’t forget to Save The APN before you go back to the previous window.

Next to that you can configure your wireless networks. (not explained here)

In some cases it’s better not to configure wireless network. For example when your operation field is in and out of the range of your wireless network. Each time you leave your Wireless Network there will be a short disconnect when switching to 3G/4G. And when you walk back in from 3G/4G to your wireless network the same happens. But that’s totally depending on your personal preferences and use of the Radio.


Another item that might be adjusted is the language. The Android Language decides what language is used for the speech when turning the channel knob what speaks out the channel names. My channels have mostly Dutch names, so keeping it in English makes the pronunciation a bit weird. Not essential but recommended.

Most T199’s have the issue that when they have been idle for a while (depends from device to device, some 20 min, some 4 hours) the PTT gives an error when pressing it. (When you configure it as stated below.)

It seems that the device gets out of its selected channel and goes back to the channel overview window (which you can’t see obviously). So when you press the PPT button Zello doesn’t know on what channel it should broadcast on, hence the error sound.

We found a solution for that by disabling every type of screen security on the T199. Configuration is done like this:

Settings –> Security –> Screen Security –> None

That’s it concerning your Android Settings !

Zello Settings

There are 5 important settings that are critical for optimal usage on a screenless device.

  1. Zello status
  2. Behavior
  3. Notifications
  4. Naming
  5. History
  6. Advanced Settings (Not critical)

Zello Status: “Solo”

All Zello statuses are accessed through the 3 dots on the upper right in Zello and then “Status”.

There are 3 different online statuses that matter: Available, Solo & Busy.

Available: you here everything coming through the speaker: contacts, groups, … everything just burst out of your speaker

Busy: is like status away, Zello gives you notifications (depending on your setting) of the missed messages

Solo: you only hear the channel you are in. Zello gives you notifications of the other channels messages you missed (depending on your setting)

It’s important that you set your screenless device to Solo. Since we are configuring different channels on a turning knob it’s essential that you only hear the messages that are mentioned in that channel.


(All Zello settings are accessed through the 3 dots on the upper right in Zello and then “Options”.)

I’m not going to run through every setting but just explain what needs to checked and what not.

In fact in Behavior I’ve unchecked Everything Except for:

  1. CHECK Start Zello when phone powers on
  2. SET Automatically activate a contact: NEVER (!!!!) Important otherwise you’ll be guided out of your channel and you can’t go back. (A bit like not selecting Solo Mode)
  3. CHECK Do not lock screen during conversation (this is not a must)
  4. UNCHECK Set Status to busy when in silent modus (obvious, but not a must. I uncheck it to be sure)
  5. CHECK Wake up device to keep Zello connected

Everything else is unchecked


This is to prevent that your device starts buzzin’ and pinging when receiving calls on other channels than the selected one.

Set everything to NONE except for:

Ready to Send: Default – Double beep so you know when you can transmit

Talk Button up: Default – This way you hear when you’re disconnected while talking. (if you hear a beep during your PTT, you’ve lost connection)

Delivery Delayed:Default – A bit of lag on the network.

End of incomming Message: Default – So you know when your conversation partner has ended his transmission. (Lost connection or released the PTT button)

Connection Lost: Default – When you loose network (Wifi or Mobile)

Connection Restored: Default – When you reconnect to a network (Wifi or Mobile)

Error: Default –  Something’s wrong go check it out

System Notofication (all the way down): disable


this is the easy part

Just rename your Channels or contacts according to the dial knob number you want to address it to. 

number name (don’t forget the space inbetween the numeber and teh name)

01 Mom

02 Network Radios Channel 2

03 Dad

04 John

16 Network Radios Channel Events


Uncheck “Keep Message History” 

Since you are not able to see the history and prevent from filling your devices storage with useless data

Advanced Settings (Not critical)

Under Support – Advanced Settings – Check Disable Analytics

With special thanks to Phil – NR001 for sharing his knowledge.

That’s it!!