Telo TE-590

It took a while but finally my Telo TE-59O arrived today.

I’ve been waiting for this device since mid december, but the delivery was postponed due to reasons out of my or the dealers hand.

From my point of view this is the best quality in Network Radio you can buy for the moment: audio-, built- & display quality.
And I love the big display, huge advantage in operation various apps.
But again, that’s a very personal matter!

More info on the device here: Telo Systems
I got mine on with great support and follow up!
(Keep in mind that there is a version with Google Apps and a version without! )

ROM – Updates

Our good friend and ROM GURU, NR001 – Phil, has released the latest firmwares updates of his debloated ROMS. See below for the list!

Telo TE580:

Telo TE590

Inrico T320:
Phil’ (works for both old and new IMEI’s)

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