Tokie TK1000

Another day, another device… No that’s not true! Like every self acclaimed Radio Amateur or Network Radio enthousiast I stand in front of the mirror every morning claiming two things: “that belly ain’t big” and “I don’t need another radio”… There’s always one lie in the morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, when we met up with the guys from Zello Radio Benelux last weekend I got my hands on a Tokie TK1000: A small sized device with a medium screen and the standaard menu keys, but no dial pad. I was intrigued!

Ever since my love for big screen radios turned towards small screen and dial pad radios, like I did on my Inrico T320 I was looking for a more compact device. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a huge fan of my T320 but I carry my Radio everywhere with me on the job, while traveling, holiday, fun, bike rides even when I go running … and that gets bulky sometimes. So when I saw this compact device, I directly knew it that this was a winner. So I did not think twice and made the necessary arrangements to change owner. That been settled I didn’t take long before it was configured the way I wanted.

I had to make some sacrifices in my configuration, since there wasn’t a dial pad. I decided to let go of all the buttons who directly went to the different Zello channels and contacts. Once in Zello I’m mostly on Zello radio Benelux. And for Walkiefleet I don’t need those shortcuts. That being decided I configured the device as following. With the help of Button Mapper that is off course.

There were a few problems that I had to tackle because I use two PTT apps on my devices. First off: assigning the PTT button. I could not assign any other PTT button on the device to Walkiefleet, so the main PTT button goes to Walkiefleet. This is also better for when I’m working. Also WF claimed the SOS & Function button as emergency buttons. What ever I tried I couldn’t get rid of that. So I left it like that.

The problem was that I couldn’t assign another PTT button to Zello. But my trusted friend 0N4WZ – ZRB585 handed me an older version of Zello that wasn’t that persistent in claiming the PTT button. I assigned the center select button (in between the arrows) as a PTT button.

On the top the channel selector left and right go to either Zello or Walkiefleet. So I can easily switch between Hobby (Zello) to Work or Family (Walkiefleet) and I assigned some double press and long press functions to the Home and Menu button to manage mute & do not disturb and that’s it.

I’ve been using it quite intense the last few days and I must say, I haven’t been thinking about my other radios anymore. My T320 is still standing on my desk but looks very disappointing at me every time I pick up the Tokie.
The only thing I don’t like is the Power button, which you have to press firmly before it reacts. Since I don’t allow my apps to work in the background is that something I come across quite often, to activate the screen again.
Battery life is great, I can easily cover 2 days on a battery. 4G reception is very good and that’s amazing for a device without external antenna. Audio was reported very good, depending on how I hold the device. I tend to be talking into a radio like Stevie Wonder sings into his Microphone… And again, it’s compact, I carry this everywhere with me and I tend to forget that it there in my pocket until I hear a workmate, Zello user or my family calling me. This is definitely my new carry everywhere device.

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  1. tokie tk1000 Does anyone know where I can download the original rom file as someone has put a debloated non original version and ruined the device

  2. Iโ€™m curious as to wether there is anyway to update the firmware for a newer android version so the android accessibility suite and Google tts will work properly for a visually impaired person

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