Telo TE-590

A guest review by our very own NR001 – Filip about his preferred Network Radio.
This review also appeared in Radio User but we got permission to publish it here.

“In my continuous search for the ‘perfect’ network radio, I recently came across a device called the Telo TE590. The first thing that drew me to it was its slim looking design.

“I searched the internet for dealers and came across  “At around £395, the TE590 wasn’t inexpensive, but on the other hand this looked like it could be the high-end device that I have been searching for. Because my interests in NR are more on the Android side, I don’t spend money on traditional radios!

“The device arrived in Belgium within just a few days and I was struck by how professional even the packaging looked compared to the boxes of other devices.
“Inside I found the radio, together with a desktop charger, a USB-C type cable, a wall-charger, a belt clip and a little screwdriver (to access the SIM card holder).

“The TE590 runs Android 6 (Marshmallow) and has 2GB RAM with 16GB ROM so is well capable. It has a very positive and ‘professional’ feel in the hand, has a large 3.5” touchscreen and the build quality is excellent!
“A 13 MP rear camera is paired with a 2 MP front camera for sending photos over Zello and NFC is also provided if you like passing data to other devices in that way.
“The feel of the smaller buttons is great and the PTT button itself is a both a good size and what Telo call ‘Radio-Grade’ – it has very positive feedback.

“The volume is adjusted by two buttons below the PTT button – though this lack of a volume ‘knob’ seems awkward at first, it makes one-handed operation very easy. This pair of buttons also works when the screen is off, not something which can be said of all NR devices.
“The rotary knob on the top is set up as a power button, but with the excellent Button Mapper software from it can be remapped to volume instead, if you prefer that. I used Button Mapper to make the small button above the PTT put the device into ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode at night time. That’s proved very handy!
“Battery life in my experience is great. The device comes with a 4200mAH battery which I charge every night and it lasts me all day long while out at work – there are no issues running out of power in the middle of a busy day.
“The short, fixed antenna fits in nicely with the overall design and is small enough to not get in the way when putting the device in your pocket.

Video of the TE-590 screen

“The front-facing 2-watt 40mm waterproof-rated loudspeaker has excellent sound quality – the volume is easily loud enough for use in noisy environments. The belt clip that comes with the device is quite unusual though – it is more like a holder that you click the device into, not the typical clip that comes on most Network Radios.
“This device can also be used easily as a smartphone for people who like to carry only one device with them, thanks to a larger touchscreen than most NR devices have. PC connection is achieved via the new style USB-C cable, although personally I prefer Google Drive or similar for file transfer. The connector for external accessories is the same as on radios like the Inrico T320.
“The specifications include IP68 and MIL-STD-810G which means the Telo is waterproof up to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes, should you want to take a bath with your radio!

“I have been using this device daily now for some time. My conclusion? Expensive but definitely worth the price and made for power users who expect that little bit extra.”

My thanks to Filip – NR001 for that this very useful user report.

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  1. Fantastic review I still own my TE-590 that has been in constant daily use with no issues, Brilliant good qulity bit of reliable kit.

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