Most users who start out with Network Radios immediatly start searching for interesting channels to join of start a channel of their own. There are a lot of channels, but here are a few of my favorites. If you join a channel, please read the guidelines carefully. Also keep in mind that most channels are protected by or a password or an approval of an administrator/moderator. Most channels can be joined but you will not be able to talk (or listen) untill an administrated assigned you as a “Trusted user”. Join a channel, call out for an administrator/moderator, they can hear you even if you are untrusted, and they will approve you. Be patient.

  • Zello Radio Benelux: Dutch/Flemish channel with a fast growing userbase. Mostly about Network Related topics, technical support and configuration and a bit of fun and laughter as well. Home of NR001, NR515, ZRB003 & NRAPRS.
    They also have have a facebook page.
  • Zello Radio Benelux Event: Special Channel that is only used on special occasions like meetings or events, to keep the channel a bit free with location based chat. This channel is listen only when no events take place. Event Channel can be opend on request for any event.
  • Network Radios: This channel is for Radio Amateurs and radio enthusiasts. There are seven active channels numbered 00 to 06. To find them, search for ‘Network Radios Ch’ using ‘add channel’. Except CH 06 you can only listen. To talk, please await ‘trusted’ status. There is also an Event Channel.
    We bring together radio enthusiasts of all backgrounds. You will hear a lot of licensed ‘Hams’ using Amateur callsigns and procedures.
    This is the mother of all Network Radio Channels, these are a goup of English channels from 1 to 8 and an event channel. There are no specific topics per channel it’s just wheter you like it busy or calm.
    There are a lot of fake Network Radios Channels, as long as you see that the channel owner is “G1YPQ” you’re on the right Channel.
  • DMR Privé: DMR channel for amateur users and Network Radios. Dutch speaking channel. Password is on request.

Additional Channels based on your interest can be found on:

Channels can be joined easily by scanning the QR-code on the zello channel pages listed below.