Building a Swiss Army Knife with the Inrico T320

This post is actually a combination of different “Tips & Tricks” I previously wrote in the knowledge base. I’m not going to explain all settings again. Just hit the tags in the sidebar most of the subjects discussed here are filled under “Button Mapper” and “Zello

Since a few weeks I’ve got this new found love for the first Network Radio I bought: the Inrico T320. As you all know, i’m a huge fan of Telo, I love the build, the audio quality, the design … and especially the big touchscreen. So for a while I was very happy with my TE-590 and I still am. But preferences changes over time. Ever since I started using Walkie Fleet at home and at work, I struggled with the dual app that needs to be configered: Zello for Hobby and Walkie Fleet for Work and Home use.

And now the thing that first led me away from the T320 is actually the thing that I most love about it: Its keyboard. I’ve found out that with most big touchscreens I often accidentally hit the screen and disable or enable stuff! The smaller screen on the T320 is less sensitive and in combination with Button Mapper I’m super fast in changing Apps, settings, channels, ….
So here’s a short description on how I set up my Inrico T320:

Zello VS Walkie Fleet:
First of all, I like the fact that the camera button is right underneath the PTT-button. That’s the round black button, just below the main PTT button. (The lowest one is the emergency button.)
I assigned in each app the specific PTT-button that I would like to use for that application.
Walkie Fleet is the main PTT button.
And Zello PTT is the camera button right under the main PTT button.
Remember in Zello you first have to delete all hardware PTT buttons before you can assign a specific button. If you leave the original button assigned Zello will react on each PTT-press of the main PTT button. So in my case if I press the PTT for Walkiefleet, Zello would also pick up that PTT action.

In Walkiefleet I assigned the main PTT button as primary.
Now I can have both apps running and with just a little slide of my middle finger to another button I switch from talking to Zello or Walkie Fleet. Two different apps running independently on one device. This can off course be applied with any PTT app where you can assign PTT buttons. (Full tutorial here)

Now in order even to have more flexibility I used Button Mapper Pro (Paid version) to assign some of the key pad buttons to different functions, channels or apps.
Very important: I disabled the phone functionality of my T320.
I’ll get back on that in a later post.
So here’s my Keypad configuration on the T320:

Keypad #Single PressDouble PressLong Press
1Open Walkiefleet Open Walkiefleet Open Traccar
2 Open Zello Open Zello Open Traccar
3Zello Friend 1 Zello Friend 2 Zello Friend 3
4Zello Radio
Zello CH 2Zello CH 3
* Toggle Wifi Toggle Wifi
0Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb
#Mute VolumeMute Volume

I added the same functionality often to both double and long press because if you have to many options per button, you get confused and the whole configuration becomes inefficient in my opinion.

I know it’s no rocket science, but this configuration is my ultimate quick working solution. Since I carry my device always with me I must be able to respond swiftly and correct to the right situation. Toggling the wifi on the edge of the wifi network is very handy. A quick mute or DND always is a life saver. And switching between channels with a key press is just… easy!

What’s your configuration?

Update: since Zello claims all the side buttons on the T320, I configuered the menu button (button with white line above the green telephone button,) to use as Zello PTT button.

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  1. Looking for command to remap one of the button to toggle Status : Available & Solo

  2. Hey Gerard,
    can you also use the button keyboard for typing? I cannot get it to work on mine. Other than that, great device.

    Greetings from Germany

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