Tokie TK1000

Another day, another device… No that’s not true! Like every self acclaimed Radio Amateur or Network Radio enthousiast I stand in front of the mirror every morning claiming two things: “that belly ain’t big” and “I don’t need another radio”… There’s always one lie in the morning 😉

Anyway, when we met up with the guys from Zello Radio Benelux last weekend I got my hands on a Tokie TK1000: A small sized device with a medium screen and the standaard menu keys, but no dial pad. I was intrigued!

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Zello Radio Benelux event Denderhoutem

A few photos of the Zello Radio Benelux event at Denderhoutem 2019-08-18.
Many thanks to Rik – for providing the location and catering!
Very nice afternoon and nice to meet everyone.
Looking forward to the next episode!