Telo TE-390

Another Network Radio out of my favourite devices list:
the Tele TE-390.
Again from the Telo family, this is a very robust and compact device.
Nice and clear display with bright letters. The battery life on this one is phenomenal!

However, this device is not optimal for Zello users because it does not support multiple channels like the T199. The rotating channel knob does not support the numbered channels made in Zello.
But that is actually the reason why I bought this one. I was looking for a device that I could give to my kids when they are away: to a nearby store or when they are staying overnight with their grand parents, … It has to be dummy proof: one channel, our family channel.

Via Button Mapper I disabled the rotating knob, so my kids could not enter the settings on the device by accident and change my configuration. And in Zello I assigned the PTT knob directly to our “Family Channel on Zello” so whatever they do, if they push the PTT button it will adres itself to our family channel.
We’ve used this on numerous occasions now and it keeps on proving itself as the right decision. We even don’t have to charge it for at least 3 days, as said before battery life is awesome on this one. Given that we don’t talk all the time with our kids when they are away 😁!

Another option to disable the rotation knob is placing a small locking ring underneath it. But I’m not the kind of guy that opens his Radios, for obvious reasons learned over the years .

Since the new firmware update of the Telo TE 390 you might encounter problems installing apps on the devioce. This is because it’s been locked .
By entering *#*#1122#*#* in the dial pad (and press dial) the device becomes unlocked.

All specs can be found on the Telo web page of the TE-390.

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    1. Hola sabes cual es el password por defecto . De este equipo. Y para hacer el reset hazlo mediante visor en el apartado seguridad en android.

  1. But with buttonmapper pro: would it be possible to select channels in Zello ? I know the channelname would not visible on the display ?

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