TM-7 (Plus) WiFi issues

Had some issues lately with my TM-7 plus who disconnected often from my wifi network. It happens on irregular basis and sometimes during conversations, what makes it very irritating obviously. I thought the problem was located in my mesh network, that the network was too advanced for the Android 4.4 versionof my TM-7 plus. We discussed it on the Zello Radio Benelux Channel and apparently it’s a know issue for the TM-7 (Plus). I got the suggestion to install “Best Wifi Keeper” That seems to resolve that issue.

Don’t forget to turn on the option “Keep Connection” in Settings!
And if this works for you don’t forget to buy the Pro version:
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Specific for the TM-7

Sometimes it might just be enough to disable Bluetooth on the device to get your
WiFi – connection back stable.

In other cases it might be an option to “Enable” the option
Use Legacy DHCP” in “Developer settings”

Important is to try the different options independently from each other and give it some time to see whether it works. It’s trial and error!

Connection problems can be a complex issue and caused by numerous different things. So if the above solution doesn’t fix your problem, the cause may situated elsewhere, either on your device and/or wireless network. Let us know if you have another solution or work-around.

And thanks @ Phil – NR001 for yet another tip!

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