T199 – charging station

I quickly built a charger station to fit in the trunk of my car, to charge the T199’s after using them on a job. I got a dual battery system in the back of my car so I can plug it in there. By the time I get home or arrive on the next job, they are recharged.

As said before, i’m not the most handy guy so i’m not going to win any beauty contests with this one 😁 but the main goal is functionality here!
I used click velcro inside and on the back of the T199 charging stations. That kind of velcro doesn’t collect a lot of dust and is 10 times firmer than normal velcro. I can add one more charging station if a rearrange them a bit closer to each other, but 4 will do for now.
On the back of the charger I added the “normal” strong velcro so I can tighten the case in the car onto carpet of the trunk.

I used the standard charging cables that came with the device, for in the car I plugged them in a multiple USB charger (witch wil be slower) at home I can plug them each into a charging socket what will speed up the process.

I gave it a quick black spray just to keep it less visible when you look trough the car window.

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