Registering an uncertified device

With its new device and security policy Google is making it harder/safer to register all kind of devices to the Google Framework. Devices with a Google security patch after March 2018 aren’t all allowed to use the Google Framework. So when configuring these kind of devices, you first have to confirm to Google that you’re aware that you are using an uncertified device. This is done like so:

First of all: connect your device to the internet.

1. Connect the device to your computer with Vysor. (Guide on using Vysor)
2. In Windows Explorer select in the drive list your device and click Phone memory.
3. Now download the APK file from this URL: and copy it to the Phone Memory and install the apk (via Vysor) and open the app.
Write down the Google Service Framework GSF ID. 

4. Enter the Google Service Framework GSF ID at the following url:
Copy the Decimal number for Step 5 .

5. Go to the URL:
Log in with your Google Account. Paste the decimal code into the “Register field” and click register. After about 5 minutes, you can log in to the Play Store.